Digestive disorders

Ecapril After the addition of a diuretic, it may be possible to reduce the dose of lisinopril.

YENTREVE Do not take more than the daily amount of Duloxetine capsules that has been prescribed for you in one day.

Afloxx Meloxicam is not recommended for people with severely reduced kidney function if they are not receiving dialysis.

Neufan What Allopurinol tablets are and what they are used for.

Aggravan Cilostazol Tablets USP are available as 50 mg and 100 mg round, white tablets.

Doxonex Strong CYP3A inhibitors may increase exposure to doxazosin.

Taural Ranitidine is used to treat and prevent ulcers in the stomach and intestines.

Flamydol If used concomitantly, diclofenac may raise plasma concentrations of digoxin.

Neucalm Hydroxyzine is contraindicated for use in epileptic patients.

Redusec Mixing omeprazole with herbal remedies and supplements.

Uniklar An array of different stomach and intestinal symptoms may occur in a person taking clarithromycin.

Cabergolina Cabergoline prevents necrotic neuronal death in an in vitro model of oxidative stress.

Rodiflam Sertraline must not be initiated for at least 14 days after discontinuation of treatment with an irreversible MAOI.

Chlorphenicol Chloramphenicol injection is in a class of medications called antibiotics.

Dialosa Common side effects of glimepiride include headache and nausea.

Letrozin Letrozole is a medication that is metabolized rapidly in the body.

Liponorm Like other statins, atorvastatin can be taken with meals.

Nifedine Most were expected consequences of the vasodilator effects of nifedipine.

Zenusin CYP3A inhibitors, can inhibit the metabolism of nifedipine and increase the exposure to nifedipine.

Raniclon The current recommended adult oral dosage of ranitidine for duodenal ulcer is 150 mg of ranitidine twice daily.

Borbalan For most infections in adults the dose of amoxicillin is 250 mg every 8 hours, 500 mg every 8 hours, 500 mg every 12 hours or 875 mg every 12 hours, depending on the type and severity of infection.

Ateloc Some patients experience side effects while taking atenolol, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, tiredness, drowsiness, depression, nausea, diarrhea.

Celoxib The other ingredients for Celecoxib 200 mg capsules are lactose monohydrate, povidone 40, croscarmellose sodium, sodium laurilsulfate, magnesium stearate.

Artist Your doctor will probably start you on a low dose of carvedilol and gradually increase your dose to allow your body to adjust to the medication.

Dimazon The table below contains some of the more common ones associated with furosemide.

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